Clean agent solution

Clean agent fire protection systems act fast to knock down fires before they can take hold.

With discharge times of 10 seconds or less, lives and valuable property benefit from the virtually instant response to the danger posed by fire. Our systems employ the use of proven extinguishing agents that are safe for use in occupied spaces. They leave no messy residue, and will not harm sensitive equipment.

  • Engineered for fast operation
  • Machined brass construction for added reliability
  • High-performance operation
  • Flexible application

IT-Server-room-Recovered  Oli-Gas-Room-02-LRG

Ideal for:

– Computer and electrical rooms

– Dry cleaning plants

– Bank vaults and depositories

– Museums and archives

– Transformer vaults

– Chemical and flammables storage

– Engine compartments

– Spray booths

– Research laboratories

– Records storage