foam solutions

Engineering Delivery Systems:

High-Ex foam extinguishing systems provide economical fire protection and are particularly useful where there is a poor water supply or where no permanent water supply is available. These self-contained systems include reservoirs for water and for foam solution, which is mixed when the system is activated.

Units are modular and can be customized for almost any type and size of hazard. Foam systems are factory built and tested allowing for fast on-site installation and commissioning. Explosion proof construction is available for hazardous areas. Units can be equipped with Programmable Logic Control (PLC), and remote monitoring is available for all functions.

Self-Aspirating Foam Generators:

Self-aspirating foam generators are meticulously designed with just the right shape, mesh screen size, and perforation frequency to efficiently combine water, foam solution, and air. With exceptionally high expansion ratios, these rugged units are prized as firefighting measures, especially in remote areas and where access to water is limited. And, because they are self-aspirating, they deliver a highly accurate mix of the solution, water, and air without the large pressure losses associated with in-line inductors. This not only reduces the required pump duty – it saves space as well.