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We understand the unique and demanding requirements for communications and surveillance systems in offshore platforms as well as onshore production sites. Our systems are used for during routine and emergency operations for transmission of critical data from distributed instrumentation to control rooms, for providing voice connectivity across facilities in indoor, harsh outdoor, noisy and hazardous environments, public address and paging, remote surveillance of the facility using all-weather explosion-proof camera networks. We also provide systems for wireless communication in and around the facility, with vehicles on ground, sea or air, and for weather-monitoring. Critical systems are designed to continue to operate safely in the event of loss of regular power supply or emergencies.

Offshore Deployments

We possess the engineering capabilities to deliver critical systems that operate under extremely severe conditions encountered in these deployments. We can execute the complex process of building highly engineered systems out at sea, either at customer-selected offshore construction yards or directly on the site. The systems are designed to meet stringent international Hazardous Area Classification standards and engineered to a high level of detail down to the selection of appropriate materials for every component for the highly corrosive environment.


1. SPIFON SDH Fiber Optic System

2. PABX Telephone System and Hotline System

3. LAN System

4. CCTV System

5. UHF/VHF Radio System

6. Non-Direction Beacon(NDB)

7. PA / GA System

8. Metrological Station

Onshore Deployments

We put in place fail-proof and dependable systems for production areas, gathering stations and upstream processing sites that keep the core operations running so that our customers can remain focused on their business deliverables.  its decade-long expertise in design engineering on the table to ensure that critical communication needs are met even in the most challenging of environments while also keeping in view the Health Safety and Environmental measures.


1. CCTV System

2. SPIFON SDH Fiber Optic System

3. PABX Telephone System and Hotline System

4. Public Address and General Alarm System

5. Telecommunication Tower

6. Access Control System